What is a Swazi?

Anyone born and raised in one of the last standing kingdoms within Africa.  Swaziland is located in South East Africa and bordered by Mozambique and South Africa.  Used to be a british colony and gained our independance in 1968.  

Positive life The Swazi

Walking Big

Walking Big is all about adapting to my environment. Living in the unfamiliar I have used various strategies from advice given to asking Google how to make appropriate adjustments to help me integrate, adjust to life and even walk the distance.

Exploring Swazi

Exploring, learning & exposing myself to new experieces.   From days out to vacations. The exciting new world of discovery conjured by my love for travel, self awareness and adjusting to living abroad.


A smile can be just as powerful as saying ‘Hello’ because it’s the universal sign of happiness. Smiling creates a path (even if unexplored) with a stranger.

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Journey Of A Swazi Do More

Comforting Connection…

I have been stalking the Valk Vers Team at De Cantharel for about three months now and I found out about the ‘Pop Up Tent’ that is erected in various stunning locations local…

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The Swazi Find your Happy Place

That Familiar Feeling…

I have fallen in love with my new home. The more I see of beautiful Apeldoorn the more I want to be outdoors and taking in that air. Though sadly there are times I….

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Power Of Saying Hello

The Power of ‘Hello’

A greeting does so many things. When people greet me I feel acknowledged – the fact that they took that second to greet me is somewhat satisfying no matter who it is. On my…

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My Inspiration & Aspiration

I hope to inspire you with beautiful quotes I have found and love.  They help me within all these changes to either make sense of some of the 'crazy' around me but also remind me that it will all be alright.

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